Case Studies

Showcasing real-world applications of Laava's secure connected packaging technology, illustrating their impact on brand protection, consumer engagement, traceability and sustainability.

Case Studies
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How Laava helped Hey Dude Shoes kick their gray market problem

Hey Dude Shoes (now part of the Crocs Group) is a global footwear company founded in 2008 by Italian footwear entrepreneur Alessandro Rosano. The company quickly gained popularity, not only for its unique style and comfort, but also for its utilization of innovative materials and construction techniques. It was this success that made them vulnerable for counterfeiting and gray market activities.

In a partnership now in its third year, Hey Dude Shoes and Laava have collaborated to successfully safeguard Hey Dude’s brand, consumers and supply chain integrity - while increasing consumer engagement - thanks to Laava’s innovative secure connected packaging platform.

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A healthy partnership: Laava's strength is Biogency's protection

Laava® is about to enter the third year of its commercial partnership with Australian premium nutraceutical manufacturer and exporter, Biogency Pty Ltd, with Laava Smart Fingerprints® featuring on six products in the Biogency range.

The partnership began as a way to help protect this premium brand and patented product formulations from copycats and fakes. It evolved into an integrated consumer engagement strategy supported by influencers on social media platforms in Biogency’s target markets. And when a counterfeit inevitably did appear? Thanks to Laava’s technology, Biogency was able to shut down the counterfeit attempts and quickly warn consumers that their product may not be authentic. Read our case study to learn more.
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A complete connected packaging solution: why Reid Fruits keeps coming back for more

Exporter of premium Tasmanian cherries Reid Fruits came to Laava for its innovative counterfeit prevention technology. It stayed for our complete connected packaging solution and digital storytelling. The engagement strengthened year on year.

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How Tamburlaine Organic Wines rewarded consumers with fractional share rewards with Jamie Durie, Upstreet and Planet Ark

Tamburlaine Organic Wines deployed 1 million Laava Smart Fingerprints® across its product ranges for 2021, with our connected packaging solution encouraging wine lovers to use digital storytelling to dig deeper – and take up exclusive offers.

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A sweet citrus traceability collaboration

A collaborative Citrus Traceability Pilot Project was rolled out in 2020 in partnership with Citrus Australia, Agriculture Victoria, Mildura Fruit Company, Nu Leaf IP and Trust Provenance.