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See beyond
the label.

Smart Fingerprints are a new kind of barcode which will allow you to see all kinds of new information about the important products and other things in your daily life.

Scan your Smart Fingerprint

Verify your product is genuine using our web scanner.

How can you tell the difference when everything looks the same?

Our innovative Smart Fingerprints have been designed for display on your everyday items. They can be scanned with any smartphone and are built to provide you with helpful, transparent information and even unlock new experiences.

Smart Fingerprints make life simpler.

Every Laava Smart Fingerprint is as unique as you are. No two identical looking products share the same fingerprint (just like serial numbers on bank notes). This means many new ways to interact safely with products and objects in your everyday life. Perhaps it’s a simple thing like claiming a warranty or submitting a return without all those paper forms. Maybe you need to know your new phone bill isn’t a scam. When accessing information is made easy, there’s a whole world of possibilities.

Get what you paid for.

Scanning a Laava Smart Fingerprint with your smartphone is like getting new consumer super powers. A product label can contain limited information and sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. Now imagine having X-Ray vision into that product’s past and know exactly where it has been and how it was made. Through Laava you can access all kinds of transparent and interesting content.

No Nasties

Laava was conceived to help make everyone’s lives a little better by bringing transparency to everyday things. Unlike many other scannable codes, Laava Fingerprints are always free from Adware, Spyware. No logins, no subscriptions, and Laava does not collect your personal data.

Built together with CSIRO

You’ve probably heard of WiFi right?! It was invented by the CSIRO which has been responsible for some of the greatest inventions to come out of Australia. We’ve been working with them to bring Laava to life. We’re also supported by the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network who share our vision for empowering people with transparent information on everyday things. We are also supported by JobsNSW – who provide financial support to startups and emerging and fast-growth small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to build momentum and grow jobs.



Laava Fingerprints are being piloted right now with select brands. If you’re interested in our pilot program please register your interest.