Unleash the power of secure connected products

Where advanced brand protection meets global transparency and immersive consumer engagement.

Unleash the power of secure connected Products

Next-generation connected packaging solutions

Turn every scan into a moment to engage securely, with the industry's highest level of brand protection, traceability and compliance.


Activate your defenses against fakes.

Level-up your brand protection strategy with Laava's next-generation anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Supply Chain Integrity

Secure your partners, customers and revenues.

With Laava's active supply chain protection and real-time insights.

Consumer Engagement

Easily create captivating digital stories and experiences.

Transform on-product interactions into lasting brand loyalty with Laava.

Two smartphones showcasing an app. The left screen prompts product registration with bullet points and a call-to-action button. The right screen details a jacket's materials, origin, and certifications, highlighting product authenticity and quality.

Digital Product Passport (DPP) solutions by Laava

Be DPP-ready today with Laava's ready-to-deploy Digital Product Passport solutions.

  • Comply Today, Be Ready for Tomorrow: Seamlessly adapt to evolving global regulations, with solutions that are ready to deploy today.
  • Assured Authenticity, Transparency and Experiences: Laava combines compliance, authentic product verification, and superior customer journeys.

Leading brands trust Laava

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A smartphone displaying a QR code on its screen with illustrative orange arrows pointing to it, surrounded by icons indicating location, date, time, phone operating system, consumer behavior, and click-throughs, suggesting a data analytics interface for tracking QR code interactions.

Laava's advanced digital product ID technology

Harness Laava's pioneering technology, developed in collaboration with leading global scientific institutions:

  • Unclonable Digital Fingerprints: Ensure each product's authenticity with serialized, web-verified identities.
  • AI-Powered Computer Vision: Instantly recognize and authenticate products with next-generation smartphone scannable authentication technology.
  • Visible, Invisible or Both: Laava's range of trusted digital identifiers was designed to be layered and combined for ultimate security.

Discover Laava's revolutionary range of trusted digital product identifiers

An unclonable, digital fingerprint for every item. Overt, covert, or a combination - for multi-layered protection.

Laava Smart Fingerprints®

The Global Mark of Trust™.

Laava's distinctive trust marks are designed to deliver visual trust, with easy digital verification and engagement.

Laava Smart Logo™

The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Turns brand logos into scannable gateways for brand protection and consumer engagement.

Laava Smart QR™

The Smart, Protected QR Code.

The next generation protected QR code, powered by Laava's patented Invisiprint™ Technology.

The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Laava Product Cloud: Your global hub for digital product identity management

Take control of your brand's digital presence with Laava Manage - Laava's all-encompassing Product Cloud, designed to make managing your digital product identities simple, build immersive consumer experiences, and deliver real-time global insights for every scan.

  • Versatile Digital Platform: Powers brands with advanced digital traceability and consumer engagement tools.
  • Effortless Product Identity Management: Simplifies managing product identities, enriching them with metadata, and easy ERP/customer/product systems integration to maximize efficiency.
  • Real-Time Dynamic Content: Instantly update your product descriptions, visual assets, promotions and more - via the Laava Product Cloud.

Laava makes it easy

Easy smartphone scannability unlocks a world of benefits.

Launch the Laava Scanner

Easy Smartphone Scanning

Via the native camera, web/native apps, WhatsApp, WeChat and more.

Scan the unique Laava Digital Identifier

Unique Fingerprint for Every Item

Choice of serialized, trusted Laava digital product identifiers - each powered by advanced Laava digital fingerprinting technology.

Verify product authenticity

Instant Verification and Traceability

Quickly determine if a product is genuine, potentially counterfeit or isn't where it should be, with tailored real-time alerts and customer support options.

Enjoy exciting brand experiences

Unlock Unique Brand Experiences

Explore brand stories, product origin, immersive content and engage with exclusive offers that can change in real-time - for deeper brand connections.

Don't just take our word for it

Laava is proven technology, helping the world's leading brands protect and engage with consumers.

Working with an innovative company like Laava enables Hey Dude to bring a secure, scannable product authentication technology that gives customers confidence that their latest pair of Hey Dude Shoes are genuine and authentic.

Chris Martin

Head of Digital Commerce, Hey Dude Shoes

We have not found any other comparable solution that can help us achieve our product integrity objectives, while helping us tell our brand story - at a commercially relevant price point, and without major changes to our operations.

Tim Reid

Managing Director, Reid Fruits

Laava is one of the few deep tech companies within the AustCyber portfolio. We were immediately impressed by Laava's highly innovative security features to provide true authentication.

Michelle Price

CEO, AustCyber

We have utilised your Laava Scan tool to introduce content to our back labels which provides the consumer with a high level of security, knowledge and engagement for our brand.

Cameron Crowley

Managing Director, Swift + Moore Beverages

We have been exporting our wines to China and other countries for over 20 years. We have not found another commercial solution that provides us the product integrity, while helping us tell our brand story, at a commercially viable price point.

Mark Davidson

Managing Director, Tamburlaine Organic Wines

With Laava's brand protection system in place, we had a very straightforward way for us to identify the counterfeit, react quickly, and respond to protect our valued customers. Our customers know now that genuine Biogency products have the Laava authentication codes.

Jimmy Tang

Sales and Marketing Director, Biogency

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