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How an organic wine company rewarded consumers with fractional share rewards with Jamie Durie, Upstreet and Planet Ark

Case Studies

Tamburlaine Organic Wines deployed 1 million Laava Smart Fingerprints® across its product ranges for 2021, with our connected packaging solution encouraging wine lovers to use digital storytelling to dig deeper – and take up exclusive offers.

The Project

  • 1 million Laava Smart Fingerprints applied to Tamburlaine Organic Wine bottles – across their ranges during 2021.
  • Laava Smart Fingerprints acted as the secure gateway to exclusive content from Tamburlaine, encouraging consumers to “dig deeper” into the story behind the wine.
  • On the True Earth Collective with Jamie Durie range, the on-product trust mark also connected consumers directly to Upstreet and an offer to redeem fractional sustainable ETF shares (ASX: FAIR).
  • Rules set in Upstreet via the Laava integration ensured that the reward offer could be redeemed only once for each Laava Smart Fingerprint.


Tamburlaine sought a secure on-product gateway to connect consumers with the Tamburlaine Organic Wines brand. The results screen we designed together showed proof of authenticity; however, Tamburlaine’s primary objective was to verify its environmental and sustainability values, by telling its brand story in an engaging way. Managing Director Mark Davidson’s motivation was to fortify Tamburlaine’s leadership in organic wine making and biodynamic growing by telling the story behind the wine, allowing consumers to feel part of the wine’s journey from grape to glass.

With the True Earth Collective, Tamburlaine had a compelling tale to tell – they had partnered with Jamie Durie, Planet Ark’s National Tree Day and Upstreet, all of whom reinforced their claims around sustainability.

The customer experience was tailored for each grape variety across the five product variants.

Finally, it was mandatory that the share reward offer be redeemed only once per Fingerprint, requiring the business rule behind this mechanism to be switched off once the offer was redeemed.

“We have not found another commercial solution that provides us with the product integrity objectives while also helping us tell our brand story - at a commercially viable price point.”
— Mark Davidson, Managing Director and Head of Grape and Wine Production, Tamburlaine Organic Wines


Mid-way through the vintage, six months after launch, Tamburlaine reported:

  • A scan rate of over 16% - one of the highest Laava has experienced.
  • A conversion rate of over 80% (i.e., share redemptions as a percentage of Fingerprint scans) – a truly outstanding result, and one that has astonished several of Laava’s marketing partners.

Clients and Partners

This project was also notable for the close collaboration between Laava, Tamburlaine and Laava’s partners Gravitas Media, MCC Label, Upstreet and Irma Dupuis (a PhD Candidate in Marketing Technology at the Newcastle Business School).

MCC Label developed a custom “wood feel” finish for the True Earth main labels using their sophisticated digital printing capabilities, while Gravitas Media provided the essential pre-press digital services.

“From a printing standpoint, MCC Label worked with Laava Smart Fingerprints and Gravitas Media to overcome the challenges that printing 1 million unique labels presents. The collaborative approach to resolving any potential technical issues before going to press meant the printing and finishing components were as smooth as possible.

A great project to have been a part of, and one we have taken learnings into other projects with Laava Smart Fingerprints®.”
— Ben Testa, General Manager, MCC Victoria Wines

Irma Dupuis’ PhD research focuses on blockchain-enabled smart wine labels and how these impact consumer trust and engagement. Irma is a University of Newcastle and Wine Australia scholarship recipient. Her project is supported by industry partners Laava, Tamburlaine Organic Wines, MCC Label and First Creek Wines.

“We are looking at what is needed from a technology and a wine producer standpoint to help consumers feel like the information provided to them is something they can trust. There are a lot of smart label technologies out there, but there is very little evidence about whether consumers engage with them. That is what I am researching.

Collaborating with Laava, Tamburlaine, MCC Label, and First Creek Wines was the best way to make sure this research is timely and impactful for the wine industry.”
— Irma Dupuis, PhD Candidate, University of Newcastle Wines

Read about Irma’s work with the Wine Studies Research Network in this profile by the University of Newcastle.

Upstreet is an app that allows customers to receive a percentage of their transaction value back in the form of fractional shares in the company making the sale.

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