Digital Product Passport

Laava empowers brands with Digital Product Passports, streamlining compliance with sustainability regulations and enhancing consumer trust through transparent product authentication and enriched engagement, readying businesses for future requirements with an adaptable, comprehensive platform.

Designed and built to be trusted

Pioneering Sustainable Product Development with Digital Product Passports

Laava leads the shift towards sustainability, enabling compliance and enriching brand engagement with its Digital Product Passport solutions.

  • EU Regulatory Compliance: By 2027, the EU mandates a Digital Product Passport for key sectors, a move Laava is helping prepare customers for, ensuring products meet sustainability regulations.
  • Comprehensive Digital Records: Laava's DPP solution meets requirements for digital delivery of product composition, recyclability, and care - vital for extending product lifecycles through reuse and repair.
  • Elevating Brand Value: Beyond compliance, Laava enhances brand trust and consumer engagement, offering real-time verification of product claims and authenticity.
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Welcome to a trusted, seamless and compliant DPP experience

Experience the market's most comprehensive DPP compliance, customer engagement and authenticity solution.

  • Streamlined Compliance and Value: Laava's leading DPP solutions offer a fast, simple and effective route to compliance - enhancing customer value along the way.
  • Assured Authenticity and Enhanced Experiences: Combines compliance, authentic product verification, and superior customer journeys.
  • Adaptive and Intelligent Platform: Crafted for agility, Laava's platform effortlessly meets evolving DPP regulations, offering serialized digital identities for granular authentication and engagement.
  • Standards Alignment: Enables easy scanning with global interoperability. Laava Smart QR® lets consumers authenticate product information via smartphones, promoting transparency and interoperability.
Designed and built to be trusted

Elevating Consumer Engagement with Laava Digital Product Passports

Laava transforms DPP from a compliance tool into a gateway for enriched consumer connections.

  • Beyond Compliance: Laava's DPP strategy enhances consumer experiences, adding significant value beyond meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Building Trust with Transparency: Offers brands a powerful tool to cultivate deeper consumer trust by sharing accessible, clear information on product sustainability and authenticity.
  • Informed Choices and Loyalty: Digital transparency at item level empowers consumers to make knowledgeable choices, boosting their confidence and fostering enduring brand loyalty.
Designed and built to be trusted

Comply today, prepare for tomorrow

Laava equips brands to navigate current regulations and seamlessly transition to future DPP requirements.

  • Support for Today's Regulations: Laava helps brands leverage support for existing regulations, such as France's AGEC, as a stepping stone to DPP readiness.
  • Strategic Compliance Planning: Prepares the groundwork for brands to meet todays regulations while gearing up for upcoming DPP mandates.
  • Smooth Transition to DPP: The Laava platform offers a capable and flexible foundation for developing scalable compliance strategies, facilitating an effortless move to full DPP adherence.
Designed and built to be trusted

Simplifying and enhancing consumer product authentication

Laava offers an effortless solution for meeting ESPR mandates and ensuring consumer trust through straightforward product verification.

  • ESPR Compliance Made Easy: With ESPR regulations requiring consumer-accessible authentication, Laava delivers seamless consumer smartphone authentication.
  • Instant Verification, No Hassle: Laava's user-friendly approach allows consumers to quickly verify product authenticity without complex inspections, fostering trust and confidence.
  • Smart QR™ for Easy Scanning: Utilizing Laava's Smart QR™, consumers enjoy native smartphone scannability, complemented by Laava's advanced digital fingerprint technology for unmatched anti-counterfeiting security.