Laava Product Cloud

Centralize and enhance your brand's digital presence with Laava Product Cloud, an all-encompassing platform designed to seamlessly manage your products, inventory, and critical data, providing real-time insights and global traceability for every scan.

Designed and built to be trusted

Innovative Insights & Digital Experiences with the Laava Product Cloud

Delivering seamless digital identity management, supply chain transparency and dynamic consumer engagement - through Laava's real-time connectivity and integration platform.

  • Versatile Digital Platform: Powers brands with advanced digital traceability and consumer engagement tools.
  • Effortless Product Identity Management: Simplifies managing product identities, enriching them with metadata, and easy ERP/customer/product systems integration to maximize efficiency.
  • Real-Time Dynamic Content: Instantly update your product descriptions, visual assets, promotions and more - via the Laava Product Cloud.
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Analytics & Global Traceability: Transforming Data into Insights

Leverage Laava's real-time analytics insights into product journeys, scanning patterns and product authenticity - strengthening brand transparency, integrity, and security.

  • Scan and Behavior Insights: Capture and analyze global scan data in real time to unveil insights into scanning patterns, trends and preferences.
  • Product Journey Analytics: Track product movements from origin to end-user, offering transparency and insights into supply chain operations and integrity.
  • Real-Time Counterfeit Detection: Analyze and map product scans down to street level, to identify and eliminate potential counterfeit threats.
Designed and built to be trusted

Real-Time Digital Product Identity Management: Enhanced Brand Agility

Empower your brand with instant product identity updates linked to every Laava product identity - delivering dynamic product content, campaigns and compliance information.

  • Dynamic Updates, Instant Impact: Allows brands to update product details and identifiers instantly, ensuring agility and relevance at every stage of the product lifecycle.
  • Adaptability and Compliance: Offers the flexibility to swiftly adapt to new information, regulatory changes, or shifts in marketing strategy, securing continuous compliance and market alignment.
  • Strategic Advantage: Provides a competitive edge by enabling brands to respond immediately to market demands, enhancing consumer trust and brand value through consistent, accurate information.
Designed and built to be trusted

Elevating Consumer Connections: The Laava Experience Designer

Craft personalized, engaging and dynamic digital experiences with ease.

  • Intuitive Design Interface: The Laava Experience Designer's drag-and-drop functionality simplifies creating dynamic consumer experiences, making engagement effortless and effective.
  • Create Compelling Experiences: From storytelling and loyalty/rewards, to immersive interactions, equip your brand with the tools to captivate consumers directly.
  • No-Code Needed: Utilize Laava's pre-built content modules and templates for common tasks; or add your own mark-up.
  • Built to Integrate: With Enterprise CMS, product/inventory systems, ecommerce platforms and more - via Laava APIs, webhooks and dynamic content.
  • Multi-Language Support: Connect with consumers and engage worldwide.