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Laava is the creator of the world's leading smartphone scannable platform to enable consumers to authenticate and engage digitally with the brands and products they love.

Introducing Laava

Laava helps brands tell trusted stories and turn their products into secure connected products, with our patented Laava Smart Fingerprint® digital identity technology.

Laava delivers a unique, unclonable digital ID for each item - enabling real-time authentication, tracking, & personalized consumer engagement. Laava's range of smartphone scannable overt and covert product identification solutions can be combined and layered to maximize trust, and integrate with Laava's class-leading digital experience and analytics platform (Laava Product Cloud).

Laava has been proven to be effective in the world's toughest brand protection markets, protecting millions of products and via a multi-year repeat customer portfolio spanning consumer products, food & beverage, health & wellness, auto products, documents & more.

Designed and built to be trusted
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Company Background

Laava is a deep technology business founded in 2017, based on cybersecurity principles and years of groundbreaking R&D. Laava has a global presence - with its corporate head office in USA, R&D facilities in Sydney & Toronto, and commercial teams in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Laava's patented technology - created in partnership with some of the world's leading scientific institutions - provides brands with the confidence to protect their products, revenues, consumers and partners, while building engagement.


Laava is committed to forging a future where every product interaction enriches trust and connection, leveraging pioneering technology to guard against counterfeiting, ensure transparency, and uphold sustainability - embodying our mission to make the world more secure and connected.

Designed and built to be trusted
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

The Need for Next Generation Product Identification

Laava protects brands from counterfeits and gray market activity, while delivering immersive consumer engagement, product traceability and compliance.

  • • Trust is at an all-time low with counterfeits and gray market diversion at record levels and growing. Global counterfeiting is now a US$3T problem - presenting a major risk to brands & consumers.
  • • Regulators are increasingly placing strict compliance obligations on brands to demonstrate sustainability, deliver verifiable recycling and circularity, and enable full lifecycle traceability of their products via 'digital product passport' initiatives.
  • • Brand spending on connected packaging is growing exponentially as consumers increasingly expect products to be 'connected' - seeking opportunities to engage deeper with the brands and products they love.
  • • However, most existing connected packaging technologies are either insecure, too expensive, or cannot engage consumers.

Leading brands are leveraging their investments in solving all of these challenges while increasing brand value - via the next generation smartphone scannable product identification technology delivered by Laava.