Laava Smart Logo™

Turns brand logos into a secure scannable digital gateway, powered by Laava's patented Invisiprint™ Technology

The Secure, Scannable Logo.
Designed and built to be trusted

The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Laava Smart Logo™ discreetly empowers brand logos with invisible, advanced security - turning them into scannable gateways for enhanced consumer trust and engagement.

  • Invisible Yet Powerful: Transforms your brand logo into a covert, secure gateway that's scannable with any smartphone, maintaining aesthetic integrity while enhancing security.
  • Comprehensive Protection & Engagement: Offers unclonable protection against counterfeiting and supports supply chain traceability, gray market activity detection, regulatory compliance, and dynamic consumer engagement through a unique digital fingerprint for each item.
  • Enhanced with Digital Twinning: Each Smart Logo™ is paired with a digital twin on the Laava Product Cloud, benefiting from Laava's intelligent business rules and optional additional security layers for triple-layer protection.

Laava Smart Logo™ seamlessly blends into your brand identity, offering a sophisticated layer of security and engagement without compromising on design or user experience.

The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Engineered for trust and engagement

Laava Smart Logo™ embeds trust within your brand's visual identity, offering covert security and comprehensive data intelligence.

  • Precision Tracking for Enhanced Security: Each scan of a Laava Smart Logo™ is logged on the Laava Product Cloud, capturing essential data - date, time, and location - along with contextual insights for robust security analysis.
  • Advanced Anti-Spoofing Technology: At the industry forefront, Laava Smart Logo™ delivers unparalleled protection against QR code replication, accessible only to authorized brands and partners.
  • Diverse Digital Experiences for All Users: Enables specific digital experiences for different stakeholders - consumers, brands, investigators, and supply chain partners - maximizing engagement and security.
  • Invisible Application for Covert Applications: Allows brands to use Laava Smart Logo™ as a hidden marker for supply chain monitoring and auditing, enhancing transparency without impacting product design.
Designed and built to be trusted

Fast, easy and cost effective to deploy at global scale.

Laava Smart Logo™ enables rapid, cost-effective global deployment with smartphone scannability, versatile printing options, and effortless integration with digital platforms.

  • Smartphone Scannability: Via brand website or native app, WhatsApp, WeChat, and popular social channels. No special equipment needed.
  • Versatile Printing Options: Applied using conventional print methods, including UV inkjet, flexo and HP Indigo - at standard printing resolutions.
  • Rapid Global Deployment: Streamlined global implementation that is fast, easy and cost effective, with no requirement for in-line camera or visioning systems.
  • Compliance and Interoperability Excellence: Adherence with global standards, including EU GDPR and Digital Product Passport mandates.
  • Effortless Integration: With Laava's robust API suite, connect effortlessly with traceability, IoT, ERP, marketing and digital assets platforms, unlocking productivity and operational efficiency.