Consumer Engagement

Discover how Laava's Consumer Engagement Solutions can enable and transform on-product consumer engagement for your brand - driving loyalty, brand value and revenue. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and to tailor a solution that meets your brand's unique needs. Let's collaborate to create richer consumer experiences that resonate for today's next generation consumers.

Designed and built to be trusted

Elevating digital experiences for next generation consumers

Transform on-product moments into loyalty and connection, with trusted and immersive experiences powered by Laava.

  • Digital-First Expectations: In an era where digital connectivity is a given, brands must offer transparent, engaging, and immersive experiences that stand out.
  • Seamless Smartphone Interactions: Powered by Smart Fingerprint® technology, Laava's solutions make every brand interaction instantly accessible and engaging.
  • Dynamic Engagement: Provide captivating digital narratives, personalized rewards, and interactive experiences, ensuring deep brand connections.
  • Ensuring Privacy and Compliance: With a commitment to data privacy and GDPR compliance, Laava champions permission-based data capture.
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

The power to captivate and engage with secure connected products

Power unforgettable brand experiences and trust via the power of the Laava platform.

  • Unleash Brand Stories: Use Laava Smart Fingerprint® technology to reveal engaging brand stories, product origins, and sustainability efforts - strengthening brand affinity at every touchpoint.
  • Transparent and Immersive Content: Deliver rich product content, narratives, and media that build consumer trust through transparency.
  • Deepen Brand Connections: Meet consumer desires for meaningful engagement, powering omni-channel experiences that encourage personal and shareable interactions through simple smartphone scans.
  • Amplify Brand Exposure: Boost your brand's visibility with compelling content, competitions, and unique experiences - all enhanced with easy social sharing options right from your packaging.
Designed and built to be trusted

Create unforgettable experiences, while capturing valuable first party data

Drive personalized engagement and secure first-party data with Laava's innovative solutions.

  • Secure Data Capture: Simplify consumer registration and secure data collection, enhancing trust and transparency for targeted marketing and direct communication.
  • Rewards and Loyalty: Leverage Laava's digital product experience engine to fuel rewards programs, encouraging repeat business and fostering lasting customer loyalty.
  • Interactive Competitions: Boost brand engagement with scan-triggered competitions and gamified experiences, making every product interaction memorable and fun.
  • Social Sharing Amplified: Enable effortless social media engagement and content sharing directly through product scans, broadening online reach and advocacy.
Designed and built to be trusted

The trusted core of your consumer engagement strategy

Laava sets the standard for next-generation secure consumer engagement and fraud prevention.

  • Designed to be Trusted: Laava redefines secure consumer interactions, with class-leading brand and fraud protection built-in.
  • Trusted Consumer Moments: Offer personalized experiences, rewards, and loyalty linked to each individual item - secured against fraud and abuse.
  • Protection In-built: Ideal for supporting verified recycling and extended producer responsibility programs, Laava's Smart Fingerprinting technology ensures authenticity and actively guards consumers against counterfeits.
  • Intelligent Security: Protects consumers from fakes, fraud, and scams, providing brands with the insights needed for immediate action against malicious activities.
  • Privacy Built-in: Laava's Consumer Engagement solutions prioritize consumer privacy, ensuring data protection and GDPR compliance in every interaction.
Designed and built to be trusted

Class-leading Consumer Insights and Engagement

Laava helps marketers design exceptional product interactions and generate valuable insights, driving revenue growth while safeguarding brand equity.

  • First-Party Data: Capture deep insights directly from your products with Laava’s leading engagement platform, with valuable consumer and product intelligence.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Use Laava Analytics to monitor trends and engagement at the granular level, and respond swiftly to fast-moving events.
  • Personalized Experience Creation: Craft unique consumer interactions effortlessly with Laava’s intuitive, “no-code” Digital Experience Designer, part of the Laava Product Cloud.
  • Smartphone Scannability: With scan options supporting native camera, mobile apps, web apps, WhatsApp, WeChat social platforms and more.
  • Effortless Platform Integration: Connect seamlessly to CRM, marketing, and eCommerce systems with Laava's comprehensive API suite.
Designed and built to be trusted

Rapid global deployment to get you in market fast

Quick to deploy, easy to scale, and built to be trusted - our solutions help marketers and brands connect with audiences in exciting ways, fast!

  • Seamless Integration: Laava seamlessly integrates into existing packaging and labeling workflows, enabling worldwide implementation with minimal disruption.
  • Swift Global Launch: Achieve global deployment in just two weeks with Laava's ready-to-use solutions, templates, and accelerators.
  • Effortless Digital Printing: Utilize standard resolution digital printing, eliminating the need for expensive and complex in-line image capture systems.
  • Exceptional Support: Your journey is supported every step of the way by a dedicated Laava Account Manager, leveraging years of expertise for a smooth and stress-free rollout.