Laava's patented digital fingerprinting and AI technology

Laava's class-leading secure connected packaging platform is the result of years of deep technology research and development, developed in partnership with some of the world's leading scientific institutions.

The Secure, Scannable Logo.
Designed and built to be trusted

Next generation trusted product identification

  • Each Laava product identity is a secure, serialized and unclonable digital fingerprint, which is web-verified to enable real-time global verification.
  • Laava's patented computer vision and artificial intelligence technology has been designed to quickly and reliably recognize and authenticate Laava digital product identities.
  • Laava offers a range of overt and covert digital product identifiers which can be paired, layered and integrated in flexible ways - catering to different brand protection strategies and market needs.
  • Only brand owners and authorized partners can generate Laava digital identities (unlike standard QR & NFC codes).
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Creating globally secure, connected products and packaging

  • Every scan is tracked on the Laava Product Cloud, capturing crucial data such as date, time, and location - as well as capturing invaluable contextual data for investigations.
  • Provides brands with unrivaled global insights into product journeys, interaction points, and suspected counterfeit activity - while ensuring data privacy.
  • Laava enables smartphone scannability for consumers, supply chain partners and investigators - with tailored data visibility, and no special equipment needed.
  • Scanning options include native camera (no app), mobile app, web app, WhatsApp and WeChat.
Designed and built to be trusted

Fast and easy implementation at global scale

  • Implemented using conventional digital printing technology at standard resolutions - no special equipment needed. Prints on any substrate, including paper, metal, plastic and fabric.
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective to deploy at global scale with no requirement for in-line camera or visioning systems.
  • Supports standards and industry interoperability. Complies with EU GDPR and Digital Product Passport requirements.
  • Laava partners and integrates with all traceability, IoT, ERP, digital asset and content/rewards platforms.
  • Full API suite with easy 2-way integration.

Laava's revolutionary Invisiprint™ technology

The world's only invisible unclonable digital ID - scannable with any smartphone.

The Secure, Scannable Logo.
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

An invisible digital gateway to trusted experiences

  • Applied covertly to brand logos, product codes, or other product elements.
  • Turns existing artwork or codes into unique digital gateways for secure connected packaging applications.
  • Scannable by all standard smartphones, with no special equipment.
  • Fast, easy and cost effective to deploy.
Designed and built to be trusted

Triple layer protection

  • Laava's patented invisible digital fingerprinting technology invisibly applies a covert digital ID to every individual item - for high security covert applications.
  • Can be applied using either our proprietary UV ink for maximum security, or via Laava's ground-breaking digital anti-copy layer.
  • The ground-breaking Laava digital Invisiprint enables printing by any conventional digital printer, anywhere in the world - at standard printing resolutions - while still being smartphone scannable.
  • Laava partners and integrates with all traceability, IoT, ERP, digital asset and content/rewards platforms.
  • Each Laava Invisiprint is matched with Laava's range of serialized digital identifiers (or packaging features) and intelligent business rules - for triple layer protection.
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Leverage existing printing and packaging technology; maximize versatility

  • Applied using conventional print methods, including UV inkjet, flexo and HP Indigo.
  • Highly reliable, serializable and white labellable.
  • Android and iOS smartphone scannability enables simultaneous consumer and B2B/investigator verification.