Discover how Laava's Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions can shield your brand from counterfeit risks and explore implementation options by contacting us today. Let's collaborate to create a safer, more trustworthy marketplace for brands and consumers alike.

Designed and built to be trusted

Counterfeiting: a $3T risk to your business

Secure your brand against global counterfeiting, safeguarding equity, consumer safety, and revenue with unmatched protection.

  • A Menace to Brands: Counterfeit products threaten brand equity, consumer safety, and revenue in today's global marketplace.
  • Innovative Protection: Powered by Laava's Smart Fingerprint® technology for superior anti-counterfeiting defense.
  • Assured Product Authenticity: Unique, secure digital fingerprints on every product deliver global authenticity, shielding brands and consumers from counterfeit risks.
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

As unique as your own fingerprints

Elevate global trust with secure, verifiable product identities unique to each item.

  • Unique Protection: Every product features a distinct Laava digital fingerprint, making it globally secure and protected against cloning or fraud.
  • Digital Twin Verification: The Laava Product Cloud hosts a digital twin for each identity, allowing complete traceability and authenticity verification across the supply chain.
  • Instant Authentication Anywhere: Enables real-time, smartphone-based product authentication for everyone - consumers, brands, investigators, and partners.
Designed and built to be trusted

Overt and covert solutions - powered by advanced computer vision and AI technology

Elevate your brand protection with Laava's advanced technology for unmatched protection.

  • Cutting-Edge Authentication: Patented computer vision and artificial intelligence precisely recognize and authenticate Laava digital product identities.
  • Flexible Security Solutions: A suite of overt and covert digital identifiers that can be paired, layered, and integrated in flexible ways to craft security solutions tailored to brand protection strategies and market requirements.
  • Superior Traceability: Every scan is tracked in the Laava Product Cloud, collecting critical data - date, time, and location - along with contextual insights.
  • Global Insights: Unparalleled insights into product journeys and interaction points, identifying suspected counterfeit activities while maintaining strict data privacy.
  • Easy Smartphone Scannability: Scan via native camera apps, mobile apps, web apps, WhatsApp, and WeChat.
Designed and built to be trusted

Protect your brand, consumers and revenues

Elevate your brand's defenses against counterfeits - protecting consumers, partners and revenues, with Laava's next generation authentication technology.

  • Authenticity Assurance: Ensures only verified products enter the market, upholding your brand's integrity and shielding it from bad actors.
  • Safety Net: Defends consumers and supply chain partners against the significant dangers of counterfeits and substitute products.
  • Revenue and Brand Shield: Deters counterfeit infiltration, safeguarding your revenue and enhancing brand equity.
Designed and built to be trusted

Fast and cost effective to deploy at global scale

Deploy globally in as little as two weeks, with Laava’s easy print integration, quick-start templates and peerless support.

  • Seamless Integration: Laava fits smoothly into current packaging and labeling workflows, ensuring worldwide implementation with minimal disruption.
  • Rapid Global Deployment: Deploy globally in as little as two weeks, thanks to Laava's packaged solutions, templates and accelerators.
  • Utilize Conventional Digital Printing: At standard prints resolutions. Eliminates the need for costly and complicated in-line image capture and camera systems.
  • Scalable Protection: Laava's scalable solutions provide comprehensive counterfeit protection for brands of any size, safeguarding consumer trust, revenue, and brand value.
  • Exceptional Support: Your dedicated Laava Account Manager will make your journey easy and stress free, leveraging Laava's years of experience.