Laava Smart QR™

The next generation protected QR code, powered by Laava's patented Invisiprint™ Technology

Laava Smart QR
Designed and built to be trusted

Engineered for trust and engagement

Leverage Laava's GS1 Digital Link QR codes for seamless global integration and enhanced security, featuring one-click upgrades for existing QR codes and unmatched triple-layer protection through the Laava Product Cloud and Invisiprint™ technology.

  • Native Support for GS1 Digital Link: Leverage Laava's GS1 Digital Link QR codes for global interoperability and ease of integration.
  • Upgrade with a Click: Instantly secure existing QR codes - creating protected digital twins thanks to Laava's advanced digital identity platform.
  • Unmatched Protection: Laava Smart QR codes come with triple-layer security in the Laava Product Cloud, enhanced by Invisiprint™ technology and intelligent business rules.
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Fast, easy and cost effective to deploy at global scale

Laava Smart QR™ enables rapid, cost-effective global deployment with smartphone scannability, versatile printing options, compliance excellence, and effortless integration with digital platforms.

  • Smartphone Scannability: Via brand website or native app, WhatsApp, WeChat, and popular social channels. No special equipment needed.
  • Versatile Printing Options: Applied using conventional print methods, including UV inkjet, flexo and HP Indigo - at standard printing resolutions.
  • Rapid Global Deployment: Streamlined global implementation that is fast, easy and cost effective, with no requirement for in-line camera or visioning systems.
  • Compliance and Interoperability Excellence: Supports GS1 standards and interoperability. Complies with EU GDPR and Digital Product Passport requirements.
  • Effortless Integration: With Laava's robust API suite, connect effortlessly with traceability, IoT, ERP, marketing and digital assets platforms, unlocking productivity and operational efficiency.
Designed and built to be trusted

Your partner in secured connected products

Laava is more than a technology provider - we are your partner in the world of secure connected digital products.

Our patented technology, developed with a commitment to security, engagement, and innovation, positions Laava as the premier choice for brands looking to secure their digital future.

Explore how Laava can transform your brand's authentication, digital engagement and supply chain integrity capabilities.

Contact us today to embark on a journey towards secure, connected products and packaging that resonate with consumers and safeguard your brand's integrity.