Supply Chain Integrity

To explore how Laava's Supply Chain Integrity Solutions can help ensure integrity in your supply chain, contact us today. Together, we can help secure the value in your supply chain, creating a safer and more assured environment for brands, partners and consumers alike.

Designed and built to be trusted

Global supply chain integrity by Laava

Empower your brand with digital identity solutions that ensure products stay on the intended path, from production to consumer.

  • Secure Digital Identities: Laava assigns a secure digital identity to each product, preventing unauthorized distribution and market diversion.
  • Complete Supply Chain Visibility: Digital twins on the Laava Product Cloud allow for comprehensive tracking and verification, enhancing supply chain transparency and integrity.
  • Brand Control and Auditability: Brands gain full oversight over the authorization, creation, and use of every Laava digital identity, ensuring accountability.
  • Continuous Global Traceability: Real-time verification through smartphones enables constant monitoring, ensuring products reach their designated destinations.
The Secure, Scannable Logo.

Advancing supply chain integrity with next-generation technology

Elevate your supply chain integrity defenses with Laava's advanced technology.

  • Advanced Authentication: Laava's computer vision and AI technology authenticates every digital identifier, as well as gathering essential insights at every step.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Each product scan is logged, along with date, time, location, and contextual data vital for forensic investigations.
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Laava's sophisticated business rules engine automatically identifies and flags suspicious activities, enhancing security protocols.
  • Actionable Analytics: Laava Analytics offers detailed mapping and statistics, down to street level, and with full production/order level traceability.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Enables full data export and integration with data warehousing, ERP, or investigative tools for extended analysis.
  • Universal Scannability: Effortless smartphone verification for everyone in the supply chain, including native camera apps and social platforms.
Designed and built to be trusted

The power to protect your brand, supply chain partners and customers

Laava enhances your brand's defenses, ensuring authorized distribution and safeguarding global supply chains against unauthorized activity.

  • Assure Your Channels: Laava strengthens your brand's supply chains by ensuring products only travel through verified channels.
  • Combat Gray Market Risks: Laava empowers you to monitor and counteract unauthorized distribution activity, safeguarding vital supply chain relationships.
  • Global Distribution Oversight: With Laava, brands gain powerful tools to monitor and optimize their worldwide distribution, protecting consumers and stakeholders alike.
Designed and built to be trusted

Rapid global deployment with minimal disruption

Elevate your brand's defenses against counterfeits - protecting consumers, partners and revenues, with Laava's next generation authentication technology.

  • Seamless Integration: Laava seamlessly integrates into existing packaging and labeling workflows, enabling worldwide implementation with minimal disruption.
  • Swift Global Launch: Achieve global deployment in just two weeks with Laava's ready-to-use solutions, templates, and accelerators.
  • Effortless Digital Printing: Utilize standard resolution digital printing, eliminating the need for expensive and complex in-line image capture systems.
  • Protection for Every Brand: Suitable for any size brand, Laava's Supply Chain Integrity Solutions defend against global gray market challenges efficiently.
  • Exceptional Support: Your journey is supported every step of the way by a dedicated Laava Account Manager, leveraging years of expertise for a smooth and stress-free rollout.